Donation Appeal

WhyIslam is one of the biggest Da’wah Network in the world. Everyday 2-3 people convert to Islam through this initiative.

We will use your donation to print literature, setup Dawah stalls etc. If someone accepts Islam through these efforts then it will be a Sadaqa e Jaria for your Aakhirah account inshaAllah.

Our Services in Australia:

  • Top Islamic Da’wah Website
  • Free Qur’an and Books
  • Revert Backup System
  • 24 Hour Islamic info hotline (1300WhyIslam)





WhyIslam Bank Account

Commonwealth Bank Australia


BSB: 062232   ACC# 10200885


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “

Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.“ – (Al-Tirmidi)

480 people converted to Islam last year through WhyIslam Project.

Donate as minimum as One Dollar and be part of the effort.

Quran Title

Donation for Quran distribution

Quran is the book of Guidance.

We use Quran translation by Sahih international.

This is an Authentic,Accurate and Clear English
Translation and famous for its printing quality .
We gift it to the people who come to our Dawah
stall. Also we dispatch it free of cost to the people
who request through our website.
20 Quran Translations = $100

Quran title small Sahih Int

Can You donate one Quran English Translation as part of your Da’wah Duty ???

Donate $5 now.

Title Towards understanding Islam

Free Books

We use following books for Dawah purpose. We have chosen these books from thousands of other books because of their easy and effective explanation of  the true message of Islam. Thousand of people have taken Shahadah after reading these books, Alhamdulillah.

    • Towards Understanding Islam
    • An Illustrated Guide to understanding Islam
    • The man in the red underpants

50 copies = $100

One convert to Islam because of your Donation is Sadaqa e Jariyah. 

Donate as Sadaqa e Jariyah for your parents.

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WhyIslam Australia has 12 superbly designed brochures on different topics. These brochures help non-Muslims to understand Islam and  answers to many of their questions.

WhyIslam Brochures

  • Concept of God in Islam
  • The glorious Quran
  • The true religion Islam
  • The Last Prophet
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Islam & Science
  • What doesIslam Say about Terrorism?
  • Life after death
  • The month of Ramadan
  • Concept of worship in Islam
  • The mystery of Hijab
  • Human Rights in Islam,
  • Status of Women in Islam

1000 Brochures = $100

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480 people converted to Islam last year through WhyIslam project. Be part of the team effort. JazakAllah

Da’wah Stalls

 Dawah stalls are very effective medium to communicate with people about Islam. hundreds of people visit our stalls. Thousands pass by and read the message on the banners. Usually there are one or two people take Shahadah through this one-day activity. All reward goes to the Sponsors as well as the organizers.

Are you ready to sponsor a Dawah stall?

One day Dawah Stall = $600