Quran: Miracle of Allah and Final Testament to Humankind

The Holy Quran is the eternal and literal word of God revealed to Prophet Muhammad over the period of 23 years. Unlike other books, Quran make an unusual statement in the beginning of the book.

“This is the Book about which there is no doubt ..….”

What is the meaning of this very unusual and brave statement. let’s examine what this claim amplifies.

  1. There is no error and falsehood in this book whatsoever and it will remain like that for ever.

  2. All statements in the book about nature, science are true.

  3. All historical events described are correct.

  4. All prophecies described in it are true.

  5. All moral, social, political, economical laws described in this book are 100% correct and practical.

Infact this is a very daring claim. No one has made such a claim in the history of mankind. even the divine books like Torah and Bible could not make such a claim.

In the last century, an Institute of Munich University in Germany collected FORTY-TWO THOUSAND copies of the Holy Qur'an including manuscripts and printed texts produced in each period in the various parts of the Islamic World. Research work was carried out on these texts for half a century, at the end of which the researchers concluded that apart from copying mistakes, there was no discrepancy in the text of these forty-two thousand copies, even though they belonged to the period between the 1st Century Hijra to 14th Century Hijra and had been procured from all parts of the world. This Institute, alas! perished in the bombing attacks on Germany during World War II, but the findings of its research project survived.

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Quran and Science The Word of God

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